Wednesday, January 10, 2007

iPhone - Apocalypse Now

So, the word is out. iPhone.

3,5" 480x320 touchscreen, 4-8GB storage, music-video-photo, WiFi - Bluetooth - internet, 3G cellphone with 2MP camera, GPS

It's basically a PSP (black styling, large display, multimedia) - NDS/PDA (touchscreen) - cellphone - Wifi/Bluetooth hybrid, and is actually not that revolutionary at all. However, the fact that this got Steve Jobs' magic touch and the wide iPod demographic (geeks, girls, normal people) will utterly devastate cellphone and handheld companies, like Nokia, who have been pushing multimedia phones with only marginal success amongst cellphone aficionados and business customers.

Another asset will be that iPhone will have access to a properly equipped content management system (iTunes), so that all that multimedia potential actually will be known and used (as opposed to 3G phones and PSP).

The only thing I can think of this thing lacks, is gaming and homebrew access. However, both of which will be resolved soon after the launch by hordes of iPod hackers and fanboys, I think.

Prices are announced to be between $ 500 and $600. Satisfying your brand-snob-and- geek-instinct comes as a huge, free extra.

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