Thursday, November 02, 2006

1/8 Kotobukiya Belldandy

This is Race's latest score: the very nice 1/8 Belldandy by Kotobukiya. He received it from HLJ, and it was sent through EMS (whose purpose I needed to convince him of) to Belgium. The lucky bastard didn't have to pay any taxes on it, so he got the whole deal for under 50 eur.

Pictures were taken by me. Race doesn't have the 1337 skillz required for macro photography :p But he supplied me with some anime and (some desperately needed) blank DVDs ^_^. So, arigatou ne.

The box art is pretty standard, although the inner backdrop features a forest background, which is very appropriate.

The figure itself stands well over 20cm, and what immediately catches anyone's eye is the lovely dynamics on her hair and dress, both wonderfully layered and sculpted. It's funny how a relatively boring character (cuz let's face it, Belldandy is nowhere near as cool as her half-demon sister) can be brought to life with a little windeffect. Most importantly, this figure embodies everything Belldandy stands for: kind, innocent and free-spirited. Kotobukiya's production is spot on, wonderful detailing in all areas, no noticeable errors whatsoever, perfect paintjob.

All-in-all, a great figure, especially for Ah Megami-sama fans.

Full review will follow later *looks at Racemaniac*.

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