Monday, November 20, 2006

Ero ero peto peto

Yeah, i'm back :D
This time i'm gonna talk about Petopeto-san, the latest anime i've seen :). it's about a petopeto youkai (a sticky monster :p), in the form of a little girl. her "special power" is to sometimes by accident stick to other people (which is her way of seducing people, hence she's an ero monster :D). she calls herself an ero- ero youkai.

It's a very light, funny little anime (13 eps) that maybe hasn't got a killer story, but i really enjoyed watching it :). It's got a good bit of humor, but what really got me was the great characters. Petoko (her nickname) isn't the only monster. The setting is a world where people and monsters coexists (and thus the anime handles the issue of racial tensions), i really liked how the other monsters were portrayed, their actions, abilities, how other people interacted with them, it simply all made perfect sense!

I think this anime shows that with a good eye for detail and a good sense of humor you can already make a very decent anime that's a lot of fun to watch. it may never be one of the best anime's ever, or get superb reviews, but fur such a small scale production i really liked the result, and i really recommend it if you want to watch a small, light anime where you can just sit back, relax and enjoy what you're watching :).


Shonen said...

I've scrolled passed this one a couple of times: especially the rather unique art direction made me hesitate to check it out. I might do so next month, though.

maxmoe said...

Check it out. The main characters Petoko and Chingo are like so kawaii. One of my faves is Nuri, the living wall.