Thursday, October 05, 2006

The aniverse

Thats where I sometimes feel I'm stranded when watching a new
anime... a huge universe filled with anime, and there never seems
to be an end to it...
After every serie I finish watching, Inotice on my HD another dozen of series i've still got to watch. It's sometimes like drowning in a sea of anime...

Luckily once I've selected a next series to watch, I get absorbed
in it enough not to be troubled with all those other series Istill have to watch. The last serie I saw was "The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya", a fantastic 14 episodes long series, about a very unique girl who only cares about aliens, esp'ers and timetravellers. It's a fantastic slice of life/comedy/sf serie that'll keep you watching until the end, and perhaps a few more times since the episodes are shown in the wrong order (I might watch it again sometime soon in the "right" (chronoligical) order.
The serie i'm watching right now is "Angelic layer". It's a nice series about a game in which people control puppets (the angels) with an interface controlled by your thoughts. it's not that special, and even pretty cliché (the main character won't lose etc...). But there's also a touching background story, and overall it always remains interesting. It's obviously aimed at teenagers, but I still enjoy it very much.

The series I'm going to watch after this one? I wouldn't know, but i do know i've still got a lot of great series waiting to be seen. Perhaps, this aniverse isn't such a bad place to be in :)

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Shonen said...

Lost in the aniverse indeed..where the most important questions to man are "Who am I? Where do I come from? Where will I go to?", the otaku asks: "When is the next episode? Where can I get the figurine? Why do people avoid me?"