Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Figthing gravity

 Behold my cute cosplaying Saki figurine (character from 
Genshiken, great anime/manga ). As always, trouble is never 
far off when you're trying to have a bit of fun... In this case,
buying this nice figurine has given me another thing to worry

In the store, i already saw that the one on display had fallen forward, 
but since i got another one, i thought mine would be stable (in 
retrospect, pretty naive...). After a few falls, i knew mine wasn't any 
different, so i came up with the brilliant idea of superglueing it to the 
base...That's when the real problems started. Now it doesn't fall over, 
without any real damage afterwards, but starts to bend forward! 
In a few weeks my figurine would probably have been wasted if i 
hadn't found a way to counter it! 

Luckily i did. After a few nights of hanging her horizontally off the 
handle of a drawer, she has bended backwards enough to compensate,
and appears to be pretty stable now :) (and i can always hang her on 
the drawer a bit more if necessary).

Ahhh, another crisis averted :), and somehow i don't really mind. 
Encountering little challenges, and seeking solutions is also fun, i
think life would be boring without such little mishaps (as long as
they don't ruin things, ofcourse).

Well, this concludes my first post on this blog, cya soon!


Shonen said...

I'm glad to hear Saki's defying gravity after all. It's sloppy material composition and structural design from Yamato, none the less.

Shonen said...

Oh, and get a camera. Saki cosplaying demands the best photographic equipment, no? :p