Saturday, October 14, 2006

Made it back

Hi there, I'm back from facts, photo's can be seen here
things I bought:
-some gashapons (d'oh), from genshiken and chobits
-chii figurine
-3 azumanga daioh mangas
-2 shaman king manga's
-.hack sign and legend of the twilight dvd's
-t-shirt of hellsing
-another naruto headband ^^ (starting to form a pattern, since i bought one last year too
-ah my goddess artbook

that's about it I think :).
I'll get into more detail after the weekend.


Coolguy said...

Still got your anal beads? :p

Racemaniac said...

you know i do ^^ (but the real name is "swinging ball toy", although it doesn't sound any beter ^^)

Shonen said...


But glad you made it back in one piece..well..kinda, I guess :p