Friday, October 20, 2006

My day at the facts convention

I know, i should've posted sooner, but i've been busy with the beta of trackmania united (i'm a complete trackmania fanboy). i'll probably devote a post to it in the near future, but i promised you some stuff about facts :D.

First of all: the stuff i got. You already saw the list in my previous post, and i must say i'm pleased with what i bought. I've already been reading the manga's, and i like them. some of the dvd's were already borrowed by a friend, and they were good, so that's good news (although it just adds to the pile of "anime to watch"). The figurines and gashapons have already found a place on my desk/around my computer, and they're absolutely lovely!
I may have spent a bit more money than planned, but i don't regret it. i may even have payed a bit too much for some things, but when they're good, i don't mind :).

Then, the convention itself. I loved the atmosphere, very relaxed, and lots of cosplayers (as could be seen in the pictures i posted). Also everyone i asked if i could take their picture responded very enthousiastic, and that also made the day great :).
Also the people i was with (users from a forum i often visit) were good company, and being with a group adds a lot to the fun you have at such a convention :).

i'll update this post after the weekend with some pictures and descriptions of the things i bought, but you'll have to do with this now. I'd go play tmu now, but i haven't got an account for it on this pc, so i'll have to endure till after the weekend.

cya soon, boredom will have to strike me sometime tomorrow, probably enough to inspire me for a next post :)

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