Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I AM the Ridge Racer KING

We all love Ridge Racer. Yes, the physics don't make any sense, there is a horrendous invisible wall and the soundtrack isn't always bearable, but Ridge Racer has some of the most exhillerating arcade gameplay available to man. And there's Reiko. Of course.

Having bought Ridge Racer with my PSP at launch back in September 2005, I've played it with such relentless vigour that I honestly perceive myself as the best f*****g Ridger Racer player on the planet. I swear, if Ridge Racer had an official event, I'd be the Fatal1ty of that game and have my face printed on graphics cards and my name sighed in awe by cute girl gamers.

The proof?

Seaside Route 765, Crinale, Time Trial

Total time: 02:06:846
Lap Time: 00:39:981


BTW, Ridge Racer(s) 2 for PSP is released in Japan. New tracks, new intro (which totally rocks) new special cars (Crinale is hideous, Angelus pretty, Pacman less backwards) but same menus, same regular cars. So a relative rip-off. The new stuff is a lot of fun though.

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